The company is also committed to managing and developing the way we do business to ensure a better future for our staff, customers and the community alike

• The management team is finding new ways to improve and balance the effect our business has on the environment. 
• Our people are the most important asset the business has, and to protect this valuable asset we adhere to a group-wide safety management system that sets a standard much higher than what would usually be demanded in the region. 
• The business has excelled at improving its systems and procedures to ensure a safe working environment is provided for its staff. 
• The company is investing in updating its systems and training and developing all personnel including safety awareness training. 
• The management team recognises the need to protect the environment we live in. All timber purchases are made from companies that are committed to sustainability. 
• To reduce the reliance on timber, the company has invested in developing new plastic material to replace timber. 
• All of our waste products are disposed of through licensed waste handling companies.
• The reduced time our staff spend travelling to and from work improved morale, and reduced the potential risk of accidents.


Türkiyede ilk ve tek PELSAN tarafından müşterilerine sunulan "Kendi Tasarla" sistemiyle müşterilerimiz istedikleri tasarımları oluşturabiliyor. Zengin karakter kütüphanesinden istenilen renklerde birçok yaratıcı tasarım oluşturulabiliyor.