Breatech products, which are supplied as "waterproofing material" to all types of roof, siding, metal roof, shingle and curtain wall systems by laminating polyethylene film on nonwovens; allow air circulation, remove water vapor and moisture to outside thanks to its breathability.

Thanks to the liquid non-permeability feature of polyethylene film, it acts as a barrier against rainwater and all other external factors that may leak into the roof. In this way, the moisture formed in the structure is thrown out and the protection against external factors is provided.

Breathable polyethylene film and nonwoven can be printed on one side or both sides according to demand. Breathech products' water vapor permeability (breathability) are offered at desired values according to demand.


Presented first and only by PELSAN in Turkey, our customers can create the designs they want with the "Design Yourself" system. Many creative designs can be created with desired colors from the rich character library.